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13th April 2012



"Love thy neighbor" AKA, don’t put a password on your damn WiFi.

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12th April 2012

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story of my life.

story of my life.

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10th April 2012

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night night tumblr

if you have any questions please feel free to aask! my ask is always open! hmu! i love new people! and am in need of a new texting buddy! haha :)

night lovies

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5th April 2012

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19th March 2012

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15th March 2012


everynight im tumblin….. :)

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14th March 2012

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12th January 2012

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Okay Tumblr. I need everyones help with this! The more the better… this girl is getting expelled from her school for being a lesbian…. please help!

Please reblog this!    http://www.facebook.com/groups/198735206889393/198792400217007/

this is a group on facebook! Please go and support them. This is so wrong! 

Friends of Alex is a group created for alumni and students of Father Ryan High School who wish to protest the possible expulsion of Alex Douglas for the singular fact that she openly admits to being homosexual. 
The school’s concrete reason for this expulsion would be the posting of photos in which Alex is kissing her girlfriend on Facebook. According to them, this is inappropriate, hence the reason for her expulsion. Humorously enough, countless couples who attend Father Ryan High School have photos of a much more graphic nature on their profiles. 
Keep in mind, joining this group means that you are willing to stand up for Alex and yourself under opposition. The point of this group is to show the school that Alex isn’t alone, and people won’t easily let them get away with this unfair judgement. If the response is great enough, this petition of sorts will be shown to the administration. If you are threatened by this, or don’t feel similarly, feel free to leave the group.

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25th September 2011

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23rd September 2011

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14th September 2011

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